Monday, September 19, 2016, @ 09:00HR – Psych Appointment

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In the midst of taking up painting-black-holes-and-nipples, I’ve been consumed with, surprisingly, getting my life together. Other than my resume, I’ve started an online portfolio which can be viewed here.

I’m exhausted and running mostly on caffeine, sodium, and cornbread.

Trying to adult out here – send help!


I remember when Justin Timberlake’s first album came out – it was full of misery and hope, fresh from the Britney break-up. I was a preteen. I asked for it as a gift for my birthday, and no one understood that request. No one understood JT. I already had the entire album .mp3 file via KazAa, Limewire, Ares – whatever evil downloading service existed at that time. 2002 – children are horrible, raw creatures. Feelings exist and we’re all aware that people break, but who the fuck cares? What’s a filter? But if I like you enough, I’m sorry I was a dick. I’ll buy you some candy or sneak out to KFC for you during lunch. I think all the after school specials made sure that we all stayed nice to each other .. while being true to that asshole integrity.

The human condition is one sensitive piece of beautiful shit.

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A/W 16


For someone that’s used to always trying to hide and deny her existence, a blog seemed too invasive – too exposing of the 12 different personalities that (probably) create this confusingly bubbly (I hate it), bipolar, and self-loathing creature. Talking about myself makes my skin crawl.

A giant dump of Things I Do But Not Enough – a collection of projects to strengthen my mental health (by forcing myself to do things again).