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flax seeds and other healthy fats

i’ve been working on trying to being a better version of myself, and now that i’m a little stable, i feel a lot less entertaining lol. this blog lost its appeal to me once i realized that people i knew were actually reading this. i became insecure and filled with thoughts of having to abide to […]

zombie nimbus cont’d

The past two weeks have been a melancholic shit show. Nothing happened, nothing’s happening. I’m still trapped in my room – convincing myself that I’ll never need to step foot in to the outside world, even if I need to replenish anything, since this house is basically a hoarder’s paradise, that I’ll find everything, anything, […]

zombie nimbus

I’ve been on a mood stabilizer for more than a week, and an antidepressant just under. I’ve been avoiding this blog as soon as I’ve publicized it; do my internet friends really need to know what drugs I’m on? ..which, frustratingly, is the exact opposite purpose of this blog. I’ve been on a slow, rickety […]