I remember when Justin Timberlake’s first album came out – it was full of misery and hope, fresh from the Britney break-up. I was a preteen. I asked for it as a gift for my birthday, and no one understood that request. No one understood JT. I already had the entire album .mp3 file via KazAa, Limewire, Ares – whatever evil downloading service existed at that time. 2002 – children are horrible, raw creatures. Feelings exist and we’re all aware that people break, but who the fuck cares? What’s a filter? But if I like you enough, I’m sorry I was a dick. I’ll buy you some candy or sneak out to KFC for you during lunch. I think all the after school specials made sure that we all stayed nice to each other .. while being true to that asshole integrity.

The human condition is one sensitive piece of beautiful shit.


Jump to 2015 – LA ?????????? Why do people love this place? Is it because I’m from Toronto and we have shitty snow for half of the year, and, well, LA doesn’t? It’s an undeniably shallow reason for an incredibly shallow place. I don’t know if it’s the sun or the weed, but everyone’s always smiling, and sweet? I got caught up in the honeypot and lost my true self. I became a shallow, helLA, fake bitch. I still hated everyone the same but this time I actually felt guilty for not voicing my opinions about it. And when I did, I felt like a monster, like, why? People suck, but it’s ok.

Luscious Liberating Love Lines – an illustration project about self-love, and my “safe” version of posting n00dz online. After living in California for a collective of 2.5 years, with a full year in LA, the universe guided me back to Toronto for some R&R and therapy. I’ve always been vain, but never shallow. Beautiful things are wonderful, until you find out they lack depth. LA made me stay floating atop of everything great I used to be. LLLL, albeit, exploiting our sexual carnage and pervertedly skewed perspective thanks to men and Hollywood, is my own feminist movement. Nudes? Whatever man, everyone has body parts. Adam and Eve weren’t even aware of their nakedness until they bit the evil apple from the forbidden tree. According to the Bible, humans aren’t supposed to have shame – we’re supposed to embrace everything we, and what the rest of the world, came with. So this is me, shaking off my shame, trying to remember that I am more than a selfie, one line at a time, freeing myself of self-hatred.







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